Rating Methodology, Scales and Definitions

CARE Ratings (Africa) Pvt. Ltd. is committed to the establishment of the highest standards of professional quality and integrity. In line with this, CRAF has constituted its Rating Committee with members comprising officials from CARE Ratings Limited, India (CARE Ratings) and panel of experts from Mauritius to ensure valuable inputs about the economy, industry and corporate environment in Mauritius are available to the Rating Committee. The Rating Committee members of CRAF are as under:

Mr. Sachin Gupta - Executive Director & Chief Rating officer, CARE Ratings
Mr. Milind Gadkari - Senior Director CARE Ratings
Mr. Ranjan Sharma- Senior Director – Criteria & Quality Control, CARE Ratings
Ms. Smita Rajpurkar- Director CARE Ratings
Mr. Mahendra Vikramdass Punchoo- Former Second Deputy Governor of Bank of Mauritius
Ms. Aruna Radhakeesoon- Chairman of the National Committee on Corporate Governance
Mr. Vipin Mahabirsingh- Managing Director in Central Depository & Settlement Co Ltd.
Dr. Soumendra K. Dash- Principal Credit Risk Officer, African Development Bank Group
Mr. Saurav Chatterjee - CEO, CRAF

In case any of the panel of experts from Mauritius is associated with the rated entity, leading to conflict of interest, the member will not participate in the rating process and in the Rating Committee meeting.

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